Cancer 2014: The Year in Review with Anna Barker


Anna Barker, Co-Director, Complex Adaptive Systems Center, ASU Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:21) Andy's challenge

Listen (4:39) The year of immunotherapy

Listen (4:53) iSpy 2 and a new approach to clinical trials

Listen (6:42) The swan

Listen (6:35) A coalition of the willing

Listen (5:14) Six reasons biomarkers fail

In 2003, the then Director of the National Cancer Insitute, Andrew von Eschenbach, issued a challenge: “to eliminate the suffering and death from cancer, and to do so by 2015.”

Anna Barker is the former Deputy Director of the National Cancer Insitute, and she was at the meeting when Dr. von Eschenbach issued his challenge. Now at the end of 2014, we talk with Anna about the challenge and how far we have come. She offers her vote for the three most important developments in cancer this past year.


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