Biotech in China Part II: Crown Bio and Nigel Beeley

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Alex Wu, CEO, Crown Bio, , Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:52) China as a market growing rapidly

Listen (8:20) Big challenge is to change from low cost producers to innovators

Listen (10:55) What is being done to foster innovation?

Listen (3:32) Government offering resources, country more open

Nigel Beeley, CEO, Enrqi, Inc., Bio and Contact Info

Listen (1:50) CRO's doing more but not drivers of innovation

Listen (2:12) Is innovation happening?

Listen (5:25) Better IP protection and improved regulation

Listen (5:05) Sea Turtles not big risk takers or innovators

Listen (4:45) Working life in China

Listen (3:42) Quality

Listen (8:46) Working with the government

Today we present our second show in a series on the booming life science industry in China. As we mentioned in our first show, the Chinese government is investing billions in the life sciences and has plans to expand basic health coverage to the entire population by 2020. The last 10 years has seen the biotech industry in China come of age from a few CRO’s providing cost cutting advantage to thousands of life science companies struggling to tip the advantage scale from cost cutting to innovation. Is the innovation happening? We ask two guests today.

Alex Wu is the CEO of Crown Biosciences. His company is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and has two divisions in China. Alex says that Crown Bio’s edge comes from innovation. Nigel Beeley has been working in China since some of the first CRO’s set up shop. He’s seen the business change incredibly and shares his hopes and his skepticisms about biotech in China.

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