Proteomics Bigger than Genomics, It’s Just Taking Time, Says Jeff Hawkins, CEO, Quantum-SI

Jeff Hawkins, CEO, Quantum-SI


0:00 History of the company

8:30 Unique position in this space

18:32 What do you mean by digitized protein research?

21:44 What are some of the exciting applications you’re seeing?

25:38 85% of proteome not targeted

29:54 Vision for the company going forward. Will you go into diagnostics? Partner on therapeutics?


Today we feature Quantum-SI, one of the new wave of proteomics tools companies.  The company was founded by serial life science entrepreneur, Jonathan Rothberg, originally as a long read sequencing company.    Though the company pivoted to proteomics, they kept the sequencing part.

Our guest, Jeff Hawkins, recently replaced Rothberg as CEO.  Jeff, too, came from genomics, leading Illumina’s Reproductive Health Division.  We begin with the story of Quantum SI’s founding and then move on to how the company’s technology works and is positioned in the fast-changing proteomics landscape.

Here on the program we've been suggesting this is the year of proteomics.  Does Jeff agree?  How would he characterize this moment for the proteome?  What are some of the new applications that are firing him up?

Jeff says that more than 85% of human proteins have still not been targeted by therapeutic programs.

“There’s such a massive opportunity to discover new targets one could go after for new therapeutics in various diseases. They could be inflammatory, immune, or cancer.  And we’re hoping our technology will give people some of those deeper insights into these proteins."