Innovation in Big Pharma with Chris Haskell, Bayer

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Chris Haskell, PhD, Head, U.S. Science Hub Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:00) Head of Bayer Science Hub

Listen (4:48) Grants4Targets and the Collaborator

Listen (2:24) Why is proximity important?

Listen (7:36) Characterize your master agreement with UCSF

Listen (3:35) Bayer is doing well - why the doom and gloom?

Listen (6:46) Personal journey to Bayer Hub

To finish up our special series, Innovation in Pharma, we wanted to bring someone on from Big Pharma to get their point of view. Chris Haskell is the head of the US Science Hub for Bayer Healthcare. The Science Hub sits at the core of Bayer's innovation strategy and Chris is developing innovative partnered research programs between Bayer’s research projects and early programs in academia and biotech. The Hub is located in San Francisco's Mission Bay next to UCSF. We talk with Chris about Bayer's master agreement with UCSF and ask him what benefits come from the close proximity to this top biomedical research university.