Chris Mooney: More Science in Politics!

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Chris Mooney, Journalist, Author Bio and Contact Info

Listen (1:40) Can you tell our audience of geeks how to be more sexy?

Listen (5:42) Why hasn't science been an issue in this election?

Listen (1:05) US has a long history of publically funding basic science

Listen (1:49) When will we have an atheist in the White House?

Listen (12:16) Obama's liberal brain the reason he lost the first debate

Listen (3:30) If scientists are the new world rulers, they don't know it

Listen (6:20) To adapt, or not to adapt..

Chris Mooney wants to see more science in politics. Pundits who actually know something about climate change, for example. A media which doesn't resist scientific research just to sell a sound byte. His most recent of four books (the guy is only 35) is The Republican Brain: They Science of Why They Deny Science - and Reality. Chris says research shows fundamental differences between the conservative and liberal brain. These differences explain why Obama lost the first debate. Chris has been actively involved in getting science into presidential debates (see Unfortunately, this year science has been a non-issue. Until Sandy hit. Hear Chris' take on the election, on when we might see an atheist in the White House, and whether scientists are the new world rulers.

See An Election Debate about Science and Climate moderated by Chris.

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