The Cinderella of Genomics with Peter Leigh, Microsonic Systems

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Peter Leigh, CEO, Microsonic Systems Bio and contact Info

Vibhu Vivek, Co-Founder, Microsonic Systems Bio and contact Info

Chapters: (Advance the marker)

0:47 Sample Prep - the Cinderella of Genomics

10:10 The big market for genomics will be the clinic

12:00 A linguist learns the language of genomics

17:11 High tech and bio just learning to talk to each other

22:47 Healthcare - the macro picture


30:50 An accidental invention

This week at ASHG 2012 in San Francisco, Microsonic Systems is launching their first product, a high-throughput sample prep system for NGS. We talked with CEO, Peter Leigh, about the system which makes use of an accidental discovery made by co-founder, Vibhu Vivek, when he was a grad student at the University of Hawaii (see bonus section at the end). Peter is an illustrative speaker who has had a long career in the life sciences. He talks of the coming revolution of genomic medicine, saying that the new technologies such as whole genome sequencing are going to do for the 21st century what antibiotics did for the 20th century. His company's focus is sample prep, a laborious process that must be carried out before sequencing, but which doesn't get much attention. In one study, Peter says, they reduced the time it takes to prepare NGS libraries from 10 days down to 1 and 1/2 days. He calls sample prep the Cinderella of Genomics.