CoDx the Only Way Forward for Big Pharma: John Palma, Roche Molecular


John Palma, Director of Medical Affairs, Roche Molecular

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Listen (6:54) On demonstrating clinical value of CoDx

Listen (4:45) What is the lead time for CoDx from discovery to market?

Listen (4:11) International considerations

Listen (4:38) CoDx the only way forward for big pharma

Listen (6:54) Are you seeing more companies opt for the CoDx way?

John Palma is the Director of Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Roche Molecular. His job is to demonstrate the clinical value of the companion diagnostics that are developed at Roche. In today's interview, John gives us a "view from the trenches."

How does his team decide when to move forward on a promising biomarker? What is the lead time for CoDx compared to Rx? What are the considerations in going international? What does success look like? John addresses some practical realities for those moving pharma in the direction of personalized medicine. Will a CoDx business strategy be able to save big pharma? John says it's the only way forward.

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