Leading Through Creative Investment: Corey Goodman, VenBio

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1:53 A new model of investing at VenBio

10:13 All the leaders of big pharma know the industry is in crisis

14:54 Attempt to change Pfizer

24:10 What excites you about the industry?

26:52 Influenced by Buddhism

32:13 City kid on a ranch

Dr. Corey Goodman is a man of many talents with an illustrious background in bio. He’s a renowned scientist, entrepreneur, educator, and corporate executive. And now his latest role is that of investor as a Partner in the VC firm, VenBio. He has been President of Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center, was co-founder of Exelixis and Renovis, and was a professor at Stanford Univeristy and UC Berkeley for over two decades. He’s currently an adjuct professor at UC San Francisco. Corey talks about the new model of investing he's pursuing with VenBio. He gives insight into his brief stint at Pfizer where he fostered an impressive ambition to change from the inside the world's largest drug maker. Beginning with the goal of creating a Pfizer Genentech, Corey left the pharma giant after just two years without being able to do much change at all. Corey works part of the week from his ranch, where the interview is taped, and shares some of his personal thoughts on the industry and on life. He also shares some of his music.

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