Who Will Report Bio? with Danny Levine, Burrill & Company

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Listen (11:16) Consequences of few daily news reporters at BIO

Listen (5:59) Public trusts a daily reporter

Listen (6:57) Industry issues less about science and more about policy

Listen (2:11) A note about recent decision to uphold healthcare law

Listen (4:26) Role of scientists in today's world

Recently, more than 15,000 folks gathered in Boston for the annual BIO Convention, the largest gathering of the year for industry execs, national and local politicians, scientists and about anyone connected to the industry. However, this year there was a noticeable absence - a glaring lack of daily newspaper reporters. To discuss this and what it means for the industry we’re joined by Danny Levine, host of the popular podcast for the Burrill Report and managing director for Burrill’s Media division. In an article this week titled, “The Biotech Story You Won’t Read in Your Local Newspaper,” Danny wrote about the absence of the daily press at the event.

Danny also shares his thoughts about the recent ruling upholding the healthcare bill and weighs in on the role of scientists in today's world.

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