Dietrich Hauffe of QIAGEN on Clinical NGS


Dietrich Hauffe, Sr. VP, Life Sciences, QIAGEN

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Listen (3:26) What is the big vision for QIAGEN?

Listen (2:26) Business already 50 percent clinical

Listen (3:15) Will NGS replace PCR in clinic?

Listen (6:01) What can you tell us about the GeneReader?

Listen (4:38) Where are we at with genome interpretation?

Listen (5:11) How is QIAGEN's relationship with clinical labs evolving?

QIAGEN is a company on the move. Last year they picked up two bioinformatics platforms, CLC Bio and Ingenuity Systems. They bought Intelligent Biosystems the year before. That purchase was for a new next generation sequencing device. Called the GeneReader, this instrument has been designed specifically for clinical application.

Joining us today is Dietrich Hauffe, the Sr. Vice President of Life Sciences at QIAGEN. Dietrich discusses the GeneReader, which is currently being tested by select customers, and how it fits into QIAGEN's big vision for genomic medicine. The GeneReader offers clinical technicians the ability to do parallel sequencing and to have "random access" to many samples at the same time. The GeneReader will not be able to do whole genome or exome sequencing, however.

Dietrich says that the GeneReader, along with QIAGEN's broad existing product line of sample prep, PCR tests, companion diagnostics, bioinformatics offerings, puts QIAGEN in a unique position in the clinical market. By owning the entire workflow, QIAGEN is in a position to raise the quality and standards in clinical testing.

"We're very much liked for our universal approach," Dietrich says in the interview.

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