Consumers, Not Patients: Don Jones, Qualcomm Life

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Don Jones, Vice President, Global Strategy and Market Development Qualcomm Life Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:14) Why talk to Qualcomm on a life science media site?

Listen (2:32) What apps most excite you?

Listen (2:33) Consumers rather than patients

Listen (5:07) Qualcomm employee programs

Listen (5:44) Wireless can help us change our habits

Listen (1:34) Qualcomm as investor

Listen (1:54) The FDA challenge

Listen (3:45) Personal journey to wireless health

Listen (4:28) How do you currently interact with your doctor?

Every time you make a call on your cell phone, you’re using technology from Qualcomm. Now the chip maker is getting involved in healthcare. Don Jones, VP of global strategy and market development in wireless health, at Qualcomm is on a mission to bring wireless technologies to health and life sciences markets.

Jones was a founding board member of the West Wireless Health Institute, with Eric Topol and Gary and Mary West. It’s the world’s first and foremost Institute focused on the clinical efficacy and economic efficiencies of wireless technologies in healthcare. He founded Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, a local trade group based in San Diego.

Don shares his vision for where health is going in a world where more people have cell phones than have access to clean drinking water.