FDA Clearance Sends dHealth Pioneer Into Overdrive: Dr Dave, AliveCor

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Dr. Dave Albert, Founder, AliveCor Bio and Contact Info

Listen (8:43) Device cleared for medical community, not yet OTC

Listen (6:24) If I could, should I buy this device?

Listen (5:14) Fusing consumer health with traditional med device

Listen (5:09) Was this clearance a new exercise for the FDA?

Listen (4:40) How will you get around misaligned incentives for physicians?

Listen (1:49) Are there any downsides to piggy-backing on a smart phone?

Over the past year we've been closely following AliveCor, the new digital health pioneer. Cardiologist, David Albert, came up with a simple device that fits on the iPhone and can immediately give a person a readout of their ECG. His company, AliveCor, has generated a fair amount of buzz, not least of which is the notice they get from Steve Burrill in many of his talks. It's become a part of Steve's spiel about how healthcare is changing. Steve will stop, pull out his iPhone, put it on his chest and then watch the audience ooh and ah. The company has a stellar lineup of supporters/advisors. I mentioned Steve Burrill, who is an investor. Eric Topol, author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine, is a big fan.

Last week the company received the coveted FDA clearance to sell the device into the medical community. They'll now pursue an OTC clearance so that you and I could buy one for those scary days after a relationship break up or an earthquake and check our own heart stats. Is this company, a fusion of the new consumer health movement and traditional med device, an example of many companies to come? Dr Dave joins us to answer this question and others.