The Fun Problems: Hank Greely Talks Bioethics

Guest: Hank Greely, Professor of Law, Stanford

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Chapters: (Advance the marker)

0:39 What led you to bioethics?

3:51 Problems that can't have clean answers

7:27 How do you know when you're successful?

11:17 Informed consent, privacy

20:18 What is your definition for ethics?

25:35 Intentional selection/eugenics

30:02 Carefully drawn regulation will help the industry

The advance of biotechnology presents society with some thorny issues. And it's just these problems which Hank Greely, a law professor at Stanford, seeks out. In today's interview, Greely asserts that, as if it wasn't already tough enough pursuing the scientific problems, there are others which are hard in different ways.

"Some of these problems can't have clean answers where principles that we really care about generally are in conflict," he says. "The best you can do is look for less bad compromises."

What are Greely's ideas on incidental or secondary findings? On informed consent and privacy? On eugenics? What is his definition for ethics in general? What for many in the industry is a briar patch, Greely nimbly dances through with aplomb.

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