Going Behind the Headlines with Luke Timmerman, National Biotech Editor, Xconomy

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Listen (4:41) Xconomy - covering the innovation community

Listen (5:58) Biotech, a calling

Listen (4:59) What makes a good story?

Listen (7:26) At your best, a reporter can do what for the industry?

Listen (1:59) A green guy

What makes a good story? What difference can a good reporter make in the industry? These are some of the questions we pursued in a chat with Luke Timmerman, National Biotech Editor at Xconomy. Luke was a finalist this year for the Gerald Loeb Award, what he says is the Oscar for business reporting. It's a great achievement for Luke and for Xconomy, which has been covering the "innovation" community for five years now. Luke is known for his up-to-date reports on everything biotech and his Monday BioBeat column where he pursues tough questions for the industry. Timmerman is always telling others' stories. Today's interview turns the table and provides a rare glimpse into his own story.