The Scientist's Buying Journey with Hamid Ghanadan, The Linus Group

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Hamid Ghanadan, President, The Linus Group Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:01) Genesis of the Linus Group

Listen (1:39) Dissonance between marketers and scientists?

Listen (9:41) How to market to scientists

Listen (4:23) What is content-centric marketing?

Listen (3:54) Demand generation

Listen (5:34) Company blogs- Are we all turning into journalists?

Listen (3:41) Dealing with 2012 marketing budget cuts

Listen (3:57) Pointers for using social media

Listen (2:24) New book out soon

Listen (4:03) Stereotypes of scientists

Today’s show is a must listen for anyone engaged in marketing in the life sciences. Hamid Ghanadan is President of The Linus Group, a marketing agency devoted to the life science industry. With a background in biochemistry, Hamid has created a unique company that specializes in understanding scientists and their buying behaviors. Hamid is also the editor and primary author of the Linus Report, the only publication offering critical briefings on science marketing issues.

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