How Much Bioinformatics for the New Biologist, Asks Educator Moray Campbell


Moray Campbell, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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Listen (5:35) How much bioinformatics does the new biologist need?

Listen (7:51) Biologists need to be asking smarter questions

Listen (4:28) The right ratio of dry lab to wet lab

Listen (5:48) Going back to school for the bioinformatics degree

Attend any conference on genomic medicine today and you’ll hear about the $1,000 genome and the $100,000 analysis. What must happen for the interpretation of genomic data to keep up with the output?

Moray Campbell is an associate dean at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, one of the nation's oldest cancer research centers. Through an alliance with the University at Buffalo and other regional colleges, the institute offers training to the next generation of cancer researchers. Moray is part of the team responsible for designing the curriculum and is wrestling with the question of how to keep up with all the biological data. Furthermore, if the answer to this lies in the education of the next generation of research scientists, what should be the ratio of dry lab to wet lab work for the new biologist?

As the study of biology becomes ever more complex in the world of big data, this question is a critical one. We will explore it in a new series beginning today, The Bioinformatics Bottleneck.

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