Illumina Dominates NGS with Still Much Room for Improvement


Shawn Baker, Chief Scientific Officer, AllSeq

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Listen (3:39) #AGBT14: to tweet or not to tweet

Listen (6:23) Illumina solidifies dominance

Listen (6:07) The Wizard of Oxford?

Listen (4:21) Qiagen with a killer workflow

Listen (2:21) Genapsys teases

Listen (1:07) Affy founder with a new technology

Listen (2:26) Aw shucks - a new reference genome

Listen (4:49) Where to from here?

Today we begin our annual sequencing series with Shawn Baker, Chief Scientific Officer at AllSeq.

In today's interview Shawn links highlights of last week's AGBT conference with the overall trends in the sequencing space. If last year was all about "long read" technology, Shawn says this year is about Illumina's total domination.

Yet there are newcomers. Qiagen is set to introduce a sequencer designed for clinical use. After picking up bioinformatics platforms, CLC Bio and Ingenuity last year, "Qiagen will have the workflow, start-to-finish, that no one else has these days," says Shawn.

The upstart Genapsys, funded by the Russian tech investor Yuri Milner, presented at AGBT with a teaser on their new sequencer with the footprint of an iPad. And Affymetrix founder, Steve Fodor, introduced a new company with a product that will integrate with NGS.

It's one of the hottest technologies in our business, and Shawn, who maintains an up-to-date Knowledge Bank at, can talk about it like no one else. Presenting NGS 2014.

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