Breathing Life into Complex Data: Doug Bassett, Ingenuity

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Doug Bassett, CSO & CTO, Ingenuity Systems Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:28) Breathing life into complex data

Listen (1:14) Where exactly is the bottleneck?

Listen (4:56) New products

Listen (4:33) Curating the Knowledge Base for 14 years

Listen (5:10) Working with clinical customers

Listen (3:17) Why come to Ingenuity?

Listen (6:12) Are arrays dead?

Listen (:48) Is there a preferred sequencing platform?

Listen (2:01) Personal path to Ingenuity

Listen (1:31) Looking ahead

Today we’re coming to you from Redwood City, CA at the office of Ingenuity Systems. Founded in 1998 by Stanford graduate students, Ingenuity Systems is taking on the challenge of next-generation knowledge management for the life sciences community. Today, Ingenuity's products are used by thousands of researchers at hundreds of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research institutions worldwide. Joining us to talk about the company and what they do is the CSO and CTO, Doug Bassett.