IBM's Lessons for the Life Sciences with Katherine Holland

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Katherine Holland, Global General Manager, Life Sciences, IBM Bio and Contact Info

Listen (9:50) How is IBM making a difference in the life sciences?

Listen (4:36) IBM's own transformation story

Listen (4:22) Pharma must go from product to service based model

Listen (6:41) Life science companies will interact more and more with "the consumer"

Listen (2:22) Personal path to IBM

Listen (6:33) Leveraging experience in other industries

In the mid-90's IBM came perilously close to running out of cash before transforming from a product based business (remember the unsuccessful OS/2?) to a service based model. It's one of the biggest turn-around stories of our generation. Katherine Holland is IBM's VP for Global Life Sciences, and she thinks there's a lesson or two for pharma and other life science companies in her company's story. Join us as she tells of IBM's transformation and shares her thoughts on future imperatives for the life sciences.

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