Opening up the World of Drug Discovery: Assay Depot's Kevin Lustig

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Kevin Lustig, PhD, CEO, Assay Depot Bio and Contact Info

Opening up the World of Drug Discovery: Kevin Lustig, Assay Depot from mendelspod on Vimeo.

Listen (4:33) Assay Depot

Listen (6:33) What took so long to get an Amazon for the life sciences?

Listen (7:18) Empowering individual scientists

Listen (3:33) What is a programmable lab?

Listen (5:55) Drug development from the beach at Waikiki

Listen (2:07) Open Science Challenge

As the pharma industry moves toward more outsourcing and virtual business structures, a new online exchange has emerged as a popular platform for life science transactions. has been called by Atul Butte, bioinformatics professor at Stanford, a Home Depot for science. In today's show we talk with the co-founder and CEO of Assay Depot, Kevin Lustig. Originally Kevin and his colleague created the site to complement what was going to be a new CRO in San Diego. Soon they realized the site itself, with features borrowed from Amazon, Kayak, and Google, offered a greater business opportunity than another CRO. Kevin talks about the platform and its various features and at large about new trends in pharma.