Message from a Patient: Whole Genome Sequencing Not Clinical Yet

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Guests: Jay Lake, Sci-Fi Author Bio and Contact Info

Joseph Edward Lake, US Ambassador Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:05) The term patient implies waiting - and waiting kills

Listen (3:34) The medical bureaucracy very challenging for a patient

Listen (7:30) Health is a privilege

Listen (10:46) Whole genome sequencing not clinical yet

Listen (2:13) Who is creating the future?

Today we begin a series, The Age of the Engaged Patient. Jay Lake is a sci-fi writer and compulsive blogger. He is also a patient. He joins us for today's program with his father, Joe, to talk about his struggle with colon and lung cancer. As is often the case with patient stories, patient can imply a team working together for the health of one individual.

Jake is very open about his cancer and his life as a patient. He blogs often about his daily medical experiences and has built up a large following in addition to his sci-fi fan base. "If I can use my storytelling skills to explain cancer, then I've beaten the disease," he exclaims in the interview. What do Jay and his dad think about the term patient? And what message does he have for our audience of life science researchers? Jay recounts his adventure with whole genome sequencing and is honest about how "painful and difficult" this aspect of his treatment has been.