Positional Sequencing: Barrett Bready of NABsys

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Barett Bready, CEO, NABsys Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:59) What brings you to DNA Sequencing?

Listen (3:33) Positional sequencing

Listen (4:13) Advantages

Listen (2:05) Is sequencing by hybridization sloppy?

Listen (4:20) How far along is the technology?

Listen (1:47) Market positioning?

Listen (4:25) Why Rhode Island?

Listen (4:00) What drives you personally?

Dr. Barret Bready is the CEO of NABsys, a company pursuing faster, higher quality sequencing technology for use in research and clinical care. The company is presenting their data for the first time at AGBT this year. Since joining NABsys, Barrett has been named one of the top "30 under 30" in New England by The Journal of New England Technology and 2011 Innovator of the Year in the state of Rhode Island.

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