A New Gold Standard for Accuracy in NGS: Mike Hunkapiller, PacBio


Mike Hunkapiller, CEO, Pacific Biosciences

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Listen (4:58) What is the theme for 2014 at PacBio?

Listen (2:50) Are you working on a clinical sequencer?

Listen (6:55) What are your thoughts on regulation and diagnostics?

Listen (3:12) What was your reaction to the Oxford Nanopore data just released at AGBT?

Listen (6:40) PacBio runs becoming the gold standard in microbial sequencing

Mike Hunkapiller, the CEO of Pacific Biosciences, joins us again this year as part of our annual series on NGS. Last year, Mike stressed the importance of PacBio's SMRT(TM) sequencing to do longer reads than the competition--namely Illumina. He says PacBio will continue to stay focused on further improving read length and accuracy this year as well. In fact, he says that the PacBio technology is becoming "the new gold standard" for microbial sequencing.

What does Mike think of the first data released by Oxford Nanopore recently? And what are PacBio's plans for clinical sequencing? Join us in the second installment of NGS 2014.

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