"There's Nothing Like Helping Patients," Susan Molineaux, Calithera

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Susan Molineaux, CEO, Calithera Bio and Contact Info

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1:17 Is Calithera the ideal model for drug discovery and development?

2:09 With virtual model, "scientists have no skin in the game"

12:29 $40 million the right number

14:38 Success at Proteolix - "there's nothing like helping patients"

19:45 What is "negative persistence?"

23:27 "I grew up thinking math and science were great. There was no gender barrier."

29:16 "I didn't raise my hand and say I just need to manage."

33:40 When did you say I'm going to found a biotech company?

38:39 Why is mentorship important?

41:40 Thoughts on Affordable Care Act

Susan Molineaux thrives on the knowledge that what she does each day is making a difference in the lives of patients. CEO and founder of Calithera BioSciences, a start-up biotech housed in the same building with Crescendo Biosciences in South San Francisco, Molineaux knows the taste of success. Previously she led Proteolix in the development of cafilzomib, a therapeutic for multiple myeloma patients. Proteolix was bought out by Onyx Pharmaceuticals during late stage trials for a hefty sum. The purchase is paying off for Onyx as they just received FDA approval for the drug and saw their stock take a big jump.

Susan says her success comes from an early grounding in science that was free from gender barriers. She's a speaker at many conferences around the Bay Area and mentors for local entrepreneurs and students. Susan talks about what she's doing at Calithera and weighs in on what could be a better model for drug development.