Protecting Reimbursement Top Priority in 2014, Says Jim Greenwood of BIO


Jim Greenwood, CEO of BIO

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Listen (2:49) 2013 - the year the IPO window opened

Listen (6:02) What has been your primary concern this year?

Listen (6:00) How can we raise the value of diagnostics?

Listen (7:44) Is there still broad bipartisan support for the NIH?

Listen (5:18) Protecting reimbursement tops the list in 2014

At the end of each year we do a program where we look back over the year and forward to the next. We're very pleased to have Jim Greenwood, the CEO of BIO, the national trade organization for our industry, here to do this show.

As the CEO of BIO, Jim represents the life science industry in Washington. Back in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, Jim learned the political ropes as a congressman from Pennsylvania. He's been a member of an ever declining species--a Rockefeller Republican. Jim's centrist political views no doubt make him a great choice to represent an industry which doesn't fall neatly along political lines. This past year he's fought for protecting drug and diagnostic reimbursement and lobbied against GMO labeling. When it comes to the sequester he admits there wasn't much anyone could do as the cuts affected every department in government. He says that the NIH budget should steadily increase but sounds doubtful that we'll see the kind of increase that happened when the human genome was sequenced.

Has the IPO boom in 2013 been a long overdue window, or a bubble? How can we raise the value of diagnostics? And what is his top priority in 2014? Jim openly shares his thoughts on these questions and more in today's interview.

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