Investing at the Intersections with Rowan Chapman, Mohr Davidow

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Rowan Chapman, Mohr Davidow Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:35) I've got a PhD, what next?

Listen (5:38) How did you become an investor?

Listen (6:14) Mohr Davidow investing in industry intersections

Listen (3:58) What can you tell start-ups about approaching VC?

Listen (4:17) Trends in life science funding

Listen (4:20) What hot spots excite you today?

Rowan Chapman is a partner at the VC firm, Mohr Davidow, and first dedicated member of the team devoted to life science. Rowan says she has a passion to work with entrepreneurs in a "hands on" role to help get companies started and financed. She’s a board member of four companies including Sequenta, VitaPath Genetics, and Health Tap and a board observer at Cardio Dx and Tethys Bioscience. Prior to that she worked closely with the board for PacBio, Paralelle, and RainDance. She has her finger on things all the way from tools, to social media, to diagnostics, to therapeutics. She is also a member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition. Prior to joining Mohr Davidow, Rowan held the position of director of business development at Rosetta Inpharmatics (acquired by Merck) We’re very happy to have her join us to talk about the investment side of the industry.