Do Scientists have a Sense of Humor? With Brian Malow

This podcast was originally aired on March 1st, 2012

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Brian Malow, Science Comdian Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:53) Who is your audience?

Listen (6:28) Do scientists have a sense of humor?

Listen (4:41) Your worst audience ever

Listen (3:41) How do you do your research?

Listen (5:44) Similarity between science and comedy

Listen (1:50) Two bacteria walk into a bar...

Listen (3:53) Those dry scientific presentations

Listen (6:12) Communicating science to the public

Listen (3:36) Thoughts on the God particle

Listen (2:52) Have you had your genome sequenced?

Listen (1:10) Mating habits of scientists

Our guest today is Brian Malow, one of a rare species of science comedians. He has performed for NASA, JPL, AAAS, ACS, and many other acronyms, he says. Brian makes science videos for Time Magazine Online and is a contributor to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s radio show. He also gives workshops to train scientists to become better speakers. We’re excited to have him to mendelspod.

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