When Drug Discovery Gets Personal: Scott Johnson, Myelin Repair Foundation

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Scott Johnson, President and Founder, Myelin Repair Foundation Bio and Contact Info

Chapters (Move marker to advance)

1:13 Focus of the Foundation

2:24 Personal struggle with MS

3:51 Coming at medical research with fresh eyes

12:09 How are you incentivizing your research partners to share in real time?

22:05 How are you bridging the translational gap?

28:45 "I was reading Newsweek one day and . . ."

34:38 Getting into the Gordon Conference on myelin without a Ph D

37:30 Is this the better model for drug discovery?

39:43 Raising funds for a non-profit

As we noted in a recent blog about patient involvement in the industry, there is a growing trend for patient disease foundations to get directly involved with drug development. Today we’re at the offices of the Myelin Repair Foundation, a patient foundation which has come up with a new model for developing drugs for multiple scelerosis. And a model which could perhaps be used by many others to create cures for disease. Joining us is the founder of the foundation, a man diagnosed with MS himself, Scott Johnson. I typically ask guests where they get their passion, but there's no need to as Scott as he recounts going from being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry to developing and leading a new model for medical research.

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