Genetics and the Future of Wine Making with Sean Myles, Nova Scotia Agricultural College

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Sean Myles, PhD, Ass. Professor, Nova Scotia Agricultural College Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:29) Honey crisp apple a mistake

Listen (6:33) Genetics and crop breeding

Listen (3:26) Pesticides or GMOs?

Listen (6:12) Cultivated grapes not having enough sex

Listen (8:03) A future with more varietals to choose from

Listen (3:32) Especially inspired by the phenotype of the wine grape

Sean Myles is interested in the sex life of wine grapes and apples. At the Nova Scotia Agricultural College he is focusing on using genetic data to detect and dissect the effects of domestication and breeding on crops. Sean talks about how genetics is changing the future of wine making. While he is not genetically altering plants himself, he discusses the tradeoff between pesticides and GMOs. Sean received his PhD in Genetics from the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig Germany. His undergraduate was in English Literature. His wife is a winemaker in Nova Scotia.