Setting Better Expectations for Genomic Medicine: Geoff Ginsburg, Duke University


Geoffrey Ginsburg, Director, Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine Bio and Contact Info

Listen (6:58) Genomic medicine occuring across the lifespan

Listen (2:40) What have been the key events since the Human Genome Project?

Listen (7:12) What do you make of opt-out databases?

Listen (9:57) What role will EMRs play in genomics?

Listen (3:07) What drives your optimism?

Genomic medicine is now being adopted across human lifespan, says Geoff Ginsburg in today’s interview.

Geoff is the director for Duke’s Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine and joins us for the next installment in our series, Genomic Medicine Today: Where Are We?

Geoff starts by listing the various applications of genomics in medicine from prenatal screening to oncology to pharmacogenetics. He says that too much was promised too early with the first Human Genome Project, but he is optimistic that we are now setting better expectations and healthcare is seeing the benefits of genomics.

“We’re certainly not at the full realization of genomic medicine, but there are clear sign posts that it’s being applied to clinical medicine,” he says.

What role will electronic medical records play in taking genomics into mainstream clinical practice, we ask Geoff, and how are we doing with the consent issue?

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