Speeding Data Transfer with Dawei Lin, UC Davis

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Dawei Lin, PhD, Director of the Bioinformatics Core at UC Davis Genome Center Bio and Contact Info

Chapters: (Advance the marker)

0:50 Set up first bioinformatics server in China

3:15 From 26 hrs to 30 seconds: a new high speed connection with China

11:52 Training the next generation of bioinformaticians

25:47 Empowering the masses to understand their own biological data

30:02 BGI and genomics in China

35:15 Know thyself

37:43 EXTRA: Molecular modeling with legos

Dawei Lin set up the first bioinformatics server in China back in 1995. And things have come full circle this past summer, as he was involved in setting up a new high speed connection between China and the Genome Center at UC Davis where he is Director of the Bioinformatics Core. Dawei worked with BGI to set up the connection. We ask him about the company and about genomics in China.

It's Dawei's passion to know himself that brought him to working with biological data.

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