The Story of Aubrey de Grey and How the Study of Aging Became Mainstream

Guest: Aubrey de Grey, CoFounder, CSO, SENS Research Foundation

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0:35 First Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference

4:50 Shackled by “short-termism”

6:00 Aging was not a topic for biologists

11:32 A serious nuisance

17:13 Smoking out the opposition

22:05 Is the body really a machine?

24:52 The community takes a longer view

30:15 What is your challenge today?

Gerontology, or the study of aging, was a “backwater” science when Aubrey de Grey began his career. Today there are well financed companies with the word "longevity" in the name (i.e., Craig Venter’s latest project).

Today we bring you the story of Aubrey de Grey—scientist, author, provocateur--and how he became one of the world’s leading gerontologists. Currently CSO of the SENS Research Foundation, Aubrey tells how he went from working in artificial intelligence to the leader of a new movement in biology. Thrilled that the research community has “come to him,” Aubrey finishes the interview by explaining some of the challenges he faces today.

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