'Transhumanism 101' with Natasha Vita-More

This interview originally aired on 1/3/13.


Natasha Vita-More, New Media Design Theorist and University Lecturer Bio and Contact Info

Listen (1:03) What is transhumanism?

Listen (8:26) A love/distant relationship with sci-fi writers

Listen (5:21) Platform diverse bodies of the future

Listen (5:36) What is the criticism of transhumanism?

As part of our series, Creating the Future, we talk with a transhumanist. Transhumanism is a philosophy and a movement that seeks to be proactive in the elevation of mankind through technology.

Today's guest, Natasha Vita-More, was involved in the movement as it took off, and in fact wrote the Transhumanist Manifesto. She is now the chairman of the board for Humanity+, a non-profit advocating the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities. Today's show is somewhat of a beginners course on transhumanism--what it is, where it's going, and what are the criticisms. In addition, Ms. Vita-More discusses the "love/distant" relationship between the movement and science fiction writers.

The role sci-fi writers play in creating the future by inspiring science itself is a theme we're pursuing in this series.

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