Traveling in Time One Minute Per Minute: David Orban

This interview originally aired January 8, 2013.


David Orban, CEO of Dotsub Bio and Contact Info

Listen (2:35) What is Dotsub?

Listen (9:30) Why should we think about the future?

Listen (3:08) Do we have more control of the future in this age of science and technology?

Listen (6:07) Why is it so hard to agree on the future?

Listen (6:55) We are part of a biological experiment run amok that we are now running

Listen (5:31) Will scientists be the new world rulers?

Why should we think about the future, I ask David Orban, the CEO of Dotsub in today's interview. David is an "unabashed" futurist. At Dotsub, a video sharing site with translation services, David is taking part in what he calls the move to a "network society." I'm not asking David why we should have goals or plan say an interview on Tuesday of next week, or a doctor visit in three weeks. I'm talking about far into the future. How much control do we have over the future? Actually, what is the future? David has thought and talked a lot about these questions and shares his observations on future trends, particularly those of biotech. "We're part of a biological experiment run amok," he says in the interview. "And now we are running it."

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