It's All About the Patients: Mara Aspinall, CEO, Ventana

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Mara Aspinall, CEO, Ventana Bio and Contact Info

Listen (4:37) How's Tucson?

Listen (3:36) Mission at Ventana entirely devoted to cancer

Listen (2:21) Digital pathology

Listen (2:29) What has made you a successful CEO?

Listen (1:15) It's all about the patients

Listen (1:21) A business person leading scientists

Listen (1:35) What inspires you about Roche?

Listen (3:49) Challenge of being a new CEO

Listen (1:26) Industry's failure with cancer

Listen (8:24) Leadership style

Listen (3:58) Challenge for personalized medicine

Listen (4:47) An early voice for personalized medicine

Listen (2:10) Personal motivation

An early pioneer of personalized medicine, Mara Aspinall joins us today. In August she was appointed the new President and CEO of Ventana Medical Systems, and global head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics. Ventana is known for their leading edge instruments and assays which support diagnosis and inform treatment decisions of cancer. Mara is formerly from On-Q-ty where she was founder and CEO. On-Q-ty is a diagnostics start-up focused on using biomarkers in circulating tumor cells to help in the prevention and treatment of cancer. She began her career in diagnostics as president of Genzyme Genetics. Mara has been a strong voice for Personalized Medicine, has sat on the board of the PMC and was a founder of Epimed, the European Personalized Med Coalition. She speaks regularly about the challenges and opportunities in this field. Mara joined us for our first show here at mendelspod, and we are happy to have her back. (Recorded 10/2012)