Why We Must Focus on Aging as a Disease: Brian Kennedy, Buck Institute


Brian Kennedy, PhD, CEO and Professor, Buck Institute

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Listen (3:55) Why are so few researching aging?

Listen (4:50) The promise of rapamycin

Listen (5:01) US in danger of losing our edge

Listen (5:46) Lifespan vs. healthspan

Listen (4:45) A shift in public awareness

Listen (8:50) Aging still not designated a disease by FDA

Each day we read about breakthroughs in research on cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, and a host of other diseases. But would our precious research dollars be better spent going after the aging process itself? Brian Kennedy says yes.

He's CEO of the Buck Institute, the nation's first independent research organization devoted to 'geroscience,' or research on aging. In today's program, Brian shares his thoughts on the institute's recent successes and challenges.

"Most people think of aging as a natural process that can't be changed," he says in the interview, "but we've realized in animal models it's pretty easy to manipulate aging. We can slow aging in everything from yeast to worms to mice."

Brian acknowledges that there are pretty big barriers for aging research, such as the current funding crisis in the U.S. and the fact that the FDA still does not recognize aging as a disease. Still, without sounding too over the top, Brian is confident that a much needed paradigm shift is happening on this topic.

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