Anne Wojcicki, CEO, 23andMe

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Anne Wojcicki, CEO, 23andMe Bio and Contact Info

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Listen (1:14) What were you doing when the human genome was first sequenced?

Listen (2:16) 23andMe, an engine for transforming healthcare

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Listen (0:56) Important to win over scientific community

Listen (3:41) Personal questions are a distraction

Anne Wojcicki is the co-founder and CEO of the consumer genomics company, 23andMe. Prior to founding the company in 2006, Anne worked in healthcare investing ,focused primarily on biotech companies. Anne graduated from Yale with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Under Anne's leadership 23andMe has made significant advances in bringing personalized medicine directly to the public. Presently, 23andMe has built one of the world's largest databases of individual genetic information. Its novel, web-based research approach allows for the rapid recruitment of participants to many genome-wide association studies at once. Getting access to and understanding her own genetic information had always been one of Anne’s ambitions.

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