After CMS Announcement, Peter Maag and CareDx Fight for Life

Peter Maag, CEO, CareDx


Listen 0:00 Proposed CMS change threatens future of CareDx (6:21)

Listen 6:22 Is CMS listening? What can you do? (4:41)

Listen 11:03 If you guys can't make it work than who can? (4:35)

Listen 15:38 Ultimately the patients will have more control (1:23)

Listen 17:01 New test to measure cell free DNA from recipient and organ (2:18)

By listening to him, you wouldn’t know that Peter Maag, the CEO of CareDx, was fighting to keep his company from the brink. We booked Peter for the show after news came out that CMS was once again threatening to lower reimbursement rates of established diagnostic tests.

Peter sounds remarkably positive in the face of the recent announcement by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that, come January, they would be cutting the reimbursement rate for CareDx's Allomap test by 70%. Because the test is used mostly by Medicare patients, this cut could threaten the company's very existence.

Why is this happening? Ten years ago, yes . . . but why is CMS still jerking diagnostics companies around when these products offer the very promise that President Obama talked about when he announced the Precision Medicine Initiative?

CareDx and the other companies, such as well known Genomic Health and Veractye, have thirty days to reply. Peter has some strong voices backing him up and is optimistic about getting the disastrous change negated.

He’s also very happy about a new test CareDx is working on using cell free DNA from not only heart transplant recipients but also for the transplant organs as well.

If diagnostics companies could focus more on their new products and less on continually fighting for a dime over a nickel with CMS, the future of precision medicine would be much brighter.