Amy Harmon of the NYT on Race & Genetics, Women in Science

Amy Harmon, Reporter for the New York Times

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00:00 "Could Somebody Please Debunk This?”

07:38 The back story

11:48 A new wave of educated white nationalists

16:17 How can scientists push back?

25:50 The anxiety of scientists

30:55 There are high schoolers out there who need you!

36:40 Women in science and gender harassment

At the end of the year, we like to speak with a journalist who covers genetics about some of their stories.

Our audience may remember that back in our October Monthly Review with Nathan and Laura we talked at length about the topic of race and genetics. This was provoked by a few pieces in the New York Times written by Amy Harmon about a new wave of white nationalists using new genetic science to bolster their racism. In fact, talk of race and genetics rose to such a pitch at this year’s ASHG conference that they issued an unusual statement on the topic.

Here to discuss her three pieces on race and genetics (here, here, and here) and another provocative piece the following month on women in science is Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent for the New York Times, Amy Harmon.


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