April 2016 with Nathan and Laura: Big Money, More CRISPR Studies, Genomic Superheroes, and a Pot Chaser


Laura Hercher, Genetic Counselor on the faculty at Sarah Lawrence College

Nathan Pearson, Senior Director of Scientific Engagement and Public Outreach at the New York Genome Center


0:00 Does throwing Big Money at scientific research bring better health outcomes?

6:45 Was NIH too hasty on CRISPR decision?

13:11 Superheroes . . . or just extra normal?

17:35 DNA storage and a pot chaser

This month we saw Big Money being infused into genomics and other life science research projects. There’s no question that science is big business, but do we see improved healthcare as a result?

Was the NIH too hasty in it’s ban on gene editing of human embryos?

Superheroes are lurking among us everywhere . . . or so the mainstream media would have us believe in their take on a new study from the Icahn School of Medicine.

Join us for our month-in-review program to hear what our regular commentators, Nathan Pearson and Laura Hercher, have to say about these questions. Stay tuned to the end for a pot chaser.

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