August 2020 Review: Radical Shift on LDT Policy, First Pan-Cancer Liquid Biopsies, and New Alzheimer’s Test


Laura Hercher, Host, The Beagle Has Landed

Nathan Pearson, Genomicist; Founder, Root Deep Insight


0:00 Trump makes war on FDA, politicizes COVID vaccine

11:06 Disturbing shift in policy on LDTs?

20:41 Major step toward pan-cancer liquid biopsies

26:47 New science:

  • Two studies favor population screening for BRCA, FH, and Lynch Syndrome

  • Genomics of COVID

  • Tau protein Alzheimer's diagnostic test

After a long break, the world's first genomics pundits are back for the season. And they are calm and collected in the face of the strorm on Pennsylvania Ave. We're sixty days from an election. How serious should we be taking politicization of the COVID vaccine, this radical shift on LDTs at the FDA?

We also discuss some regular approvals and on rejection that sent the industry reeling with disappointment. Then it's on to Laura's, Nathan's, and Theral's picks for science of the month.

Welcome back!