Behind the Sequencing Bench with Dale Yuzuki

Dale Yuzuki, Global Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific Corp.


Listen (3:53) Will tech companies be good at life science?

Listen (2:27) What is going on with the Ion Proton?

Listen (4:55) Are long reads worth the cost?

Listen (5:59) How does one know which sequencer to buy?

Listen (4:49) Are marketers becoming journalists?

Will tech companies like Google and Apple be good at life science applications? We pursue this question today with Dale Yuzuki, the avid life science blogger, scientist, and now a marketing manager at Thermo Fisher. (See his recent blog, The Core Competency of Google Is Not Life Sciences.)

In addition to his personal blog, Dale is developing a blog for Thermo called 'Behind the Bench' where among other topics, he tracks the latest in sequencing. We ask Dale what happened to the Ion Proton, whether the recent trend toward long reads makes the Proton vulnerable, and just how his customers go about deciding which sequencer to buy. Adept on both sides of the bench, Dale is comfortable on both sides of the interview table as well.

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