The Business of Aging and Three Reasons Why the FDA Drug Approval Rate Is So High

We're back in the office after a fabulous vacation, and ready to have some fun. It's Friday, and time for Gene and Tonic.

Yes, we celebrate the news this week that women have their own sex pill. And we make our best guesses as to why the FDA's drug approval rate is up in the stratosphere.

But first, we report on one of the funnest conferences we go to all year, the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference put on by the SENS Research Foundation. The study of aging has picked up momentum in the last year, and the conference featured some of the latest science. We heard a few jokes at the conference we want to share, but also we talk about some of the new developments in the field which, you gotta agree, can come off sounding pretty comical as well.

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