Cancer Researcher Tim Triche on the Staying Power of Microarrays

Tim Triche, Director, Center for Personalized Medicine - Children's Hospital Los Angeles


Listen 0:00 What are the clinical applications from your research? (2:58)

Listen 3:24 Sample quality "a very big deal" (3:10)

Listen 6:34 End of arrays? (4:59)

Listen 11:34 Is genomic medicine delivering? (5:52)

Listen 17:27 The absolute golden age of biomedical research (1:16)

In the second part of our interview with Tim Triche, Director of the Personalized Medicine Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Tim says that micro arrays are still a vital technology for today’s cancer researcher. Making use of both next-gen sequencing and arrays for his research, Tim confirms that arrays still have advantages in the clinic as well, such as quicker turn around time. 

Tim also weighs in on some ongoing questions about whether poor biospecimen quality is hampering research efforts and whether genomic medicine is paying off for patients. 

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