Christian Henry on Revio, Onso and the New Vision at PacBio

Christian Henry, CEO, PacBio

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0:00 Long reads at scale at last - the seminal moment for the company

7:48 Long vs short read applications

11:32 Onso - the most accurate short read sequencer on the market

16:33 Single cell transcriptome kit

23:05 The future of biology is about integration across different omics techniques

28:03 Will PacBio get into other omics platforms?

30:15 Biggest challenge ahead?

Last week with a crowd of 1,200 customers in a Los Angeles nightclub, sequencing company Pacific Bioscience launched two new sequencers, both long and short read, Revio and Onso. It was a night of great technology, music, and anticipation. Their customers have waited a long time for this moment. Revio offers long read whole genomes at scale for under $1,000.

But PacBio also launched a couple more products last week— a single cell transcriptome kit and a portfolio of off-the-shelf gene panels in partnership with Twist Bioscience. In other words, PacBio is no longer a niche sequencing company. They transformed themselves at ASHG last week into a platform company with a whole new vision, which is the topic of our post- ASHG interview with CEO Christian Henry.

Other than at creation, Christian says PacBio is experiencing its seminal moment as a company. His vision is to see the company congruent with the future of biology, integrating with multi-omics techniques and best in class at whatever they take on.