Concerned About DTC Test Quality? Ask Two Questions, Says Daryl Pritchard, PMC

Daryl Pritchard, Senior Vice President, Science Policy at Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC)

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0:00 Are multigene panels paying off?

7:24 Inconsistent DTC results - how should the regulatory community deal with them?

18:31 State of Personalized Medicine Summer 2018

We like talking to the folks at the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). They have many stakeholders and multifaceted speakers on a wide range of topics. Recently they’re open to talking more about DTC testing—as are most of the traditional diagnostics community. (In our most popular program of the year, CEO of Invitae, Sean George said back in May that the clinical community must “coop” with the rapidly growing DTC movement.)

There are serious quality problems with DTC testing as many mainstream media outlets have confirmed in publication after publication. Today we ask Daryl Pritchard, Senior Vice President of Science Policy at PMC what he makes of the rapidly growing DTC testing industry, and how he thinks the problem of inconsistent results might be handled. Is this something for the FDA?

A core question of late for PMC by their stakeholders has been whether gene panels have shown cost effectiveness over one-off gene tests. Daryl discusses the results of a study he presented at ASCO this summer comparing the two.

We finish with a discussion of the state of personalized medicine mid-year 2018.