The Current State of Coronavirus Vaccines with Jeff Stein, Cidara Therapeutics

Jeff Stein, CEO of Cidara Therapeutics

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0:00 Cidara's preventative working on full coronavirus family

8:16 Typical vaccines not effective for entire population (only 50-60%)

14:05 Update on Moderna and other vaccine makers

18:51 Manufacturing the key to a vaccine coming online

28:21 Will there be a War on Viruses?

What is the key to getting a coronavirus vaccine? “Manufacturing,” says today’s guest, Jeff Stein of Cidara Therapeutics.

Jeff joined us just last fall to talk about his company’s exciting new technology, an immunotherapy, that is a universal flu preventative and therapy. Yes, you read that right. A universal flu preventative.

So we were eager to have Jeff on the podcast again and ask the burning $64 million question: Will Cidara’s technology work on the coronavirus? Indeed, it will. Jeff says the company has a clinical development candidate, CD377, which will work on all members of the coronavirus family.

While Jeff is here, he gives an update on the various vaccine programs going on around the world, including the mRNA product we all heard about this week from Moderna Therapeutics.

Is Jeff as optimistic as President Trump about having a vaccine by end of year?

“It’s possible, but not probable.”