A Diagnostic Success Story with Alka Chaubey, Greenwood Genetic Center

Alka Chaubey, ‎Director of the Cytogenetics Lab at Greenwood Genetic Center

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Listen 0:00 Why is the CytoScan Dx test so important? (5:28)

Listen 5:28 Limitations of sequencing (1:51)

Listen 7:19 A recent use case (3:13)

Listen 10:32 What is the vision at the GGC? (3:12)

Listen 13:44 Broad reimbursement coverage (3:21)

Listen 17:06 Advantages of an FDA cleared test over an LDT (5:29)

Listen 22:52 Ongong work on autism (2:37)

Diagnostics can be a tough business. The FDA is making a strong push to bring more oversight. Obtaining reimbursement can be outright Sisyphean. And clinicians are slow on the uptake. All of which makes today’s story so good.

Located at 106 Gregor Mendel Circle in Greenwood, SC, the Greenwood Genetic Center became the first lab to partner with Affymetrix to commercialize their recently FDA cleared CytoScan Dx assay. This test is the first-- and so far the only--FDA cleared whole genome test to aid in the post-natal diagnostic evaluation of constitutional disorders, such as developmental delay.

In today’s interview, Alka Chaubey, director of the cytogenetics lab at GGC, explains why this array-based test has become so successful.