Ellen Matloff on a New Digital Genetic Counseling Product for DTC Customers

Ellen Matloff, President and CEO, My Gene Counsel

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00:00 DTC testing - the good, bad, and the ugly

03:50 How does a digital genetic counseling product work?

09:35 How do DTC customers find you?

17:10 What about privacy with DTC companies?

24:46 Ellen cautious on polygenic risk scores (PRS)

If Mendelspod had an annual Product of the Year award, we'd certainly be liking for 2018 the one featured today, a digital genetic counseling product for direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

Hats are off to Ellen Matloff, a genetic counselor formerly at Yale who saw the DTC boom coming a few years ago, busted out of academia, started My Gene Counsel, and last month launched her first digital product.

We can sit and pontificate about the pros and cons of giving consumers access to DNA tests based on limited scientific studies and with little to no FDA oversight, but Ellen is taking action on behalf of consumers who are every day getting this information. She is offering them basic help as they sift through those reports and what can be frightening data.

The big question here: how to let all those consumers buying up DNA tests on Black Friday know about this resource?

As for 2019, Ellen says it’s figured out. She’s singing in the Super Bowl.

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