Enabling a New Age of Unbiased Proteomics Discovery: Omid Farokhzad, Seer Inc.

Omid Farokhzad, CEO and Founder of Seer Inc

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0:00 How did Seer come about?

6:50 Looking at the proteome in an unbiased way

9:15 Proteome complexity not only structural but in quantity

11:20 We have not functionalized all of the genomics we’ve done.

17:07 What does the Proteograph Product Suite look like?

29:25 And how’s the response?

35:26 What do the critics say? Any barriers to adoption?

39:05 Any end markets created by genomics will be touched by proteomics

Are we now entering the age of proteomics the way we did with genomics thirty years ago?

We were told we should talk to today’s guest by four people in one week. He’s Omid Farokhzad, CEO and Founder of Seer Inc. When we did, we understood why.

Seer offers its customers the chance to “see the proteome in a way that’s never been possible before.” So what does that mean?

As Omid explains in today’s interview, Seer’s Proteograph opens up the discovery of the proteome the way NGS opened up the discovery of the genome. Prior to next gen sequencing, we were looking at genomics in a targeted way with PCR. Then we took the blinders off and went into the frontier, open to whatever we found. Omid says Seer’s technology offers this kind of discovery with the proteome.

What’s more, his vision is that all the end markets that have developed around genomics—liquid biopsy cancer testing, prenatal testing, you name it— “will all be touched by proteomics as well.”

This is Omid’s fifth company. With the first four companies, he had a board or advisor position and maintained his role in academia.

“I’m very proud of all my companies. But when Seer came about," he said, "it had the potential to change a lot. And I wasn’t happy to just serve on the board. I really wanted to lead it from the helm."